Tofo Scuba has 40 full sets of Scuba Pro equipment which is for student use and casual dive hire. All our equipment is meticulously maintained and cared for. We have 5mm Scuba Pro full wetsuits (winter 24 degrees) We have 94 twelve litre cylinders, both steel and aluminium. Our dive boats are 4x 8.2m semi-rigid dive boats with new type solid nose.

Our 3 Superduck dive boats are all powered by 100hp four stroke Yamaha commercial motors and are fitted out with all the necessary safety equipment as specified by South African Department of Transport (DoT) which includes radios, GPS, sonar, foot straps and medical oxygen.

Tofo Scuba has one of the most advanced filling stations in Mozambique. We have 3 x Bauer 250 litre per minute compressors, all pumping into a central control panel and delivering 750 litres per minute. We can also fill 300 bar cylinders and have 5 x 200 litre, 300 bar air banks. We have a stand alone, 750 litre per minute nitrox compressor and membrane which can fill to a maximum of 40% O2 WE DO NOT DO PARTIAL PRESSURE FILLING AS IT IS NOT SAFE !! As an incentive, because of the huge safety benefits, and the substantially increased bottom times associated with diving on nitrox, Tofo Scuba gives all nitrox qualified divers nitrox FREE of charge